Image of the entrance to Paradise Bay at Aquatopia Waterpark Phu Quoc

Aquatopia Waterpark Phu Quoc – Review (2024)

We love a good waterpark, and are always on the hunt for one whenever we check out a new destination. Aquatopia Waterpark in Phu Quoc opened in 2020 so is a relatively new attraction. During our three weeks in Phu Quoc we decided we had to check it out!

Read on for our full review of Aquatopia Waterpark Phu Quoc, including tips for planning a fab day out!

Where is Phu Quoc?

Phu Quoc is a large-ish island off the coast of Cambodia, but officially part of Vietnam. It’s a big tourist destination in Asia and is geared up for holidaymakers. It has long stretches of beautiful white sand beach and generally calm seas. 

Phu Quoc is only a short ferry ride from Ha Tien in Vietnam. It also has an international airport with connecting flights across the region (including several a day to Ho Chi Minh City).

How do you get to Aquatopia Waterpark, Phu Quoc?

Aquatopia is part of the Hon Thom Island development off the far South of Phu Quoc island. It’s a whole island geared towards tourist fun, with the water park, a beach offering banana boat rides and other activities, a giant wooden rollercoaster, a rotating viewpoint and several cafes and restaurants.

To get to all of this fun you need to take the cable car from the station in Sunset Town. If you’re staying in or around Duong Dong town then a taxi will take around 25minutes and cost c. Vd200-300,000. 

Paying for a cable car ticket will give you entry to all the attractions on Hon Thom Island. 

Riding the cable car is a fantastic experience in itself! It’s the world’s longest 3-wired cable car, stretching across a series of tiny islands (and quite an expanse of sea!) before reaching it’s destination. The views are stunning from every angle.

Image of boy in cap looking out from the cable car at Hon Thom Sunworld Phu Quoc

How much are tickets to Aquatopia Waterpark, Phu Quoc?

You don’t *actually* buy a ticket for Aquatopia Water Park – you buy a ticket for the Hon Thom Island Cable Car. Your cable car ticket also covers the cost of entry to the waterpark.

Return tickets for the cable car only are Vd650,000 for adults and Vd500,000 for children (under 140cm). 

If you go for the package that includes a buffet lunch then the ticket price is Vd900,000 for adults and Vd650,000 for children (see the info further down on eating inside the waterpark).

What are the water slides like at Aquatopia Waterpark?

There’s a whole range of slides at Aquatopia suitable for kids (and adults!) of any age. 

There are 8 ‘ring’ slides that you need an inflatable ring to go on that are all great for adrenaline seekers! 

The park also features a number of racer slides that you go down either with or without a mat, all of which are fast. There’s also a couple of those terrifying chutes that drop you vertically through the floor – these are definitely not for the faint-hearted!

There’s a really big tropical beach styled pool with a wave machine; you can also take the inflatable rings in here.

For younger kids, the large and well-designed Monkey Beach splash park is brilliant – it has water guns, giant buckets that dump water on you and a whole series of different sized chutes and slides. This is one of the best water parks for younger kids that we’ve seen anywhere!

And when you need a bit of chill time, there’s a fabulous lazy river (the Lost Lagoon) where you can lie back and enjoy floating around.

As a very modern (and fairly new) water park, Aquatopia seems to have taken some of the best water slide designs we’ve seen from around the world and incorporated them in to the park.

The longest we had to queue was around 20-minutes for one of the bigger flumes. For the others we were able to pretty much walk straight on. Bear in mind that we visited in low season and this might be completely different when things are at their peak (generally December-May).

Are there any height restrictions at Aquatopia Waterpark?

There are some height restrictions on the bigger flumes. You can view the full list on the Hon Thom Island website here.

In general, most of the big flumes specify a minimum height of 120cm.

What did we enjoy most about Aquatopia Waterpark Phu Quoc?

The boys absolutely loved Monkey Beach, the kids water play area and happily spent ages playing in the pool there while we were able to chill out at the side. 

We all really loved the flumes with the rings – Poseidon’s Revenge and Medusa’s Trap were particular favourites! There are a few that have some features that we haven’t seen before in waterparks (and we’ve been to quite a few!).  This makes them a bit more unique and therefore a lot of fun.

How much is the food at Aquatopia Waterpark?

There are several snack stands at Aquatopia selling hotdogs, crisps and drinks. There are also two bigger restaurants if you need to refuel properly. These are the Mango House and Sun Buns. Mango House offers a buffet lunch (the one that will be included in your ticket if you go for the combo option that includes lunch). If you haven’t got this included in your ticket then it is Vd300,000 for adults and Vd200,000 for children.

Be aware that the Mango House gets very busy at lunchtime with tour groups, so you may have to wait. 

We ate in Sun Buns which is a burger and fried chicken joint. The beef burgers in particular were really big and tasty and they had several combo meal deals. In total we spent Vd760,000 for four combo meals (including fries and drinks).

The verdict

There’s definitely plenty at Aquatopia to keep the whole family entertained! We love a good water park and this one made for a great day out. The cable car ride on the way there and back was also a fab experience.

The whole place was well-organised and well-staffed and our visit felt really easy. There was very little queuing for anything and it was easy to get around the park and on and off all the rides. 

The boys still felt though the Escape! Penang and Waterbom Bali probably topped Aquatopia for them, but the added bonus of the cable car definitely makes Aquatopia well worth a trip!

Top tips

  • No zips of any size are allowed on any of the water slides, and this IS enforced. Make sure your swimwear is completely free of zips and any other metal bits!
  • Some rides require a minimum number of riders (i.e 3-4) so check this before queuing up, or be prepared to find others to share the ride with!
  • In our experience, the park was busiest around lunchtime, so aim to arrive when it opens at 10am to get on some of the rides before the queues

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