We are a travel-loving, campervan-driving family of four from just outside Sheffield in the UK. We are Julia (Mum and Chief Travel Planner), Steve (Dad and Chief Food Sampler), Griffin (10-years-old and Head of Tech) and Angus (8-years-old and Head of Adventure).

Pre-kids we took two long blocks of time ‘out’ to travel, visiting Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Peru, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and the US. Since having the boys we have travelled around the UK and Europe over the last few years in our campervan, but took the step of leaving our ‘normal’ lives behind for a year in October 2023 and travelling the world full-time as a family. This adventure has taken us to various countries so far with more on the horizon!

When we were planning our mega-trip I found the experiences of other families incredibly helpful so wanted to share our journey (including the all-important costs involved – too often not discussed openly!). I found the whole concept of schooling on the road really daunting so I hope to share more detailed information on how we have managed this, as it’s definitely something that has developed during our time travelling as we’ve increased in confidence and seen first-hand the benefits of world-schooling for our children.

We firmly believe that there is more to life than the daily grind and are on a mission now to build an exciting, joy-filled life for our little family. 

So wherever you are in your travel-planning journey, sit down, grab a brew and have a read through our experiences on the road. If like us you like the idea of living a bit differently then hopefully we can provide some inspiration!